5 Deliciously Spooky Drink Recipes with Wine

Halloween is right around the corner! With only a few more days to go, it’s time to put those last-minute costumes together and get ready for your weekend parties. Whether you’re hosting or attending, I’m going to help make your life a bit easier with these 5 deliciously spooky drink recipes that you can enjoy throughout the night. And of course, to stay on theme, you can enjoy a little bit or a lot of bit of wine in each.


  1. Bloody Red Rum SangriaDressing up as a vampire this year? This drink is perfect for you! Even if you’re not, this fruity drink is easy to sip on. Make sure to leave time to chill the drink overnight.


  1. Mulled Gin Cocktail with Mulled Wine Ice CubesHey gin and tonic fans – this is for you! This drink will need a bit of preparation time, but once everything is ready to go it’s super each to mix and sip. Don’t limit yourself to just one night with this drink though, it’s perfect for fall and winter!


  1. The Devil’s MargaritaHold on to your horns, because this drink is scary good! It can take a bit of practice to get the layered drink look going, but I promise you’ll still love it even if you mess up. The best part is you probably have most of the ingredients at home.


  1. Black Magic PunchBeware, this drink has a kick to it! This is a top pick for all the red wine lovers out there. If you’re a host, the punch-sized recipe is perfect for you too. And chill time is only 1-2 hours, so you can quickly stir and serve.


  1. Hot Mulled Apple Cider SangriaIf you’re in a chilly state like me, you will likely find this to be your favorite drink. This sangria has a lot of prep work, so I recommend starting it a day or two early, but I promise the payoff and warmth is worth it!


These drinks are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party this year! Drink up and enjoy responsibly. If you have any other drink recommendation, leave one in the comments below!

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